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Created with a focus in data, tax & regulations

Increase your cash flow by generating tax credits based on your workforce. Deliver regulatory compliance assistance with evolving business regulations such as FLSA, EPA and the ACA.

Humanefits is WISE, the Workforce Intelligence Solutions Engine, delivering:

•  Integrated HR management

•  Tax savings

•  Regulatory compliance

•  Actionable business intelligence


Features & Benefits

  • 1taxsavings@2x


    Generate tax savings up to $9,600 for each new hire qualified for Work Opportunity Tax Credits, all handled by our platform or live call center.

    Whether you’re a small company of just 5 or 500 employees, you can generate valuable tax savings to grow your business.

  • 9timetrack@2x

    Time &

    Track employee hours and days worked and export them to easily calculate your payroll.

    Skip the time cards calculating employee hours for your payroll cycle.

    Humanefits' Time Tracking does it for you.

  • 7benadmin@2x

    Benefits Administration:
    Insurance & Perks

    Track Offers of Benefits to your employees and store documents and records of insurance plans and applications.

    Choose between bulk or single offers for flexibility, taking care of your workforce’s health with ease.

  • 5recruitjobpost@2x

    Recruitment & Job Posting

    Recruit new candidates with your own company job board to post any open positions. It’s all linked to your Workforce Intelligence Solutions Engine platform.

    Say goodbye to loose and missing cover letters, resumes, and applications and hello to complete files and profiles all in one place.

  • 6ats@2x

    Tracking System

    Check in and monitor the status of all your job applicants.

    Add notes and ratings, attach documents such as resumes, cover letters, or portfolios in a location where everyone from recruitment to hiring can view.

  • qbico

    Integrated with
    QuickBooks Online

    Sync your employees with one click of QuickBooks Connect.

    Export and import financial and operational data with Humanefits, generating insights and actionable business intelligence.

  • 1-9 and E-Verify Hiring

    I-9 and
    E-Verify Hiring

    Simplify hiring and protect your business from employment verification issues and penalties.

    Prepare for potential ICE inspections with easily accessible digital documentation.

    That means no costly interruptions to company operations, so you can achieve the maximum potential of your business.

  • 2workforcemanagement@2x


    Manage your employees, store sensitive employee data, employment authorization forms and documents, set work schedules, and more.

    Save costly administrative hours finding, filing, and storing valuable employee information and add sophistication to your HR and operations immediately.

  • 3empselfserv@2x


    No more emails and letters back and forth to communicate work schedules, time & attendance, benefits, and updates to employee profiles.

    Your staff can simply login to your company’s employee portal, saving you time, and empowering your employees.

  • 4payroll@2x

    Payroll with

    Simply take the Time & Attendance reports from Humanefits and link them into QuickBooks to execute your payroll.

    With QuickBooks Online, you can sync them right into your account to quickly process payroll, saving you costly hours and freeing up your time to continue growing your business.

  • 8regulatory@2x

    Regulations Expertise

    Regulations continue to evolve and change the way we do business, from the Affordable Care Act, to overtime rules, to the emerging landscape of the Equal Pay Act.

    Humanefits provides tailored data analytics solutions to help you reduce the risks with regulatory compliance and reporting.

  • 10unlmtdcomp@2x

    Manage an Unlimited
    Number of Companies

    Whether you have 1 shop, or 5 restaurants, or 25 businesses, you can easily administer and manage an unlimited number of locations, under one Master login.

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Additional Services:

  • Tax Credits Applications & Certifications
  • $49 per qualified candidate that can potentially generate up to $9,600 in tax credit savings
  • $195 per employee certified for tax credit savings. This includes monitoring, collection and tax credit calculations.*

*Additional terms and conditions apply. Click here to see terms of service.
**Limited to Continental United States

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Humanefits intelligently optimizes your financial health, generates tax credits, and mitigates regulatory risk.

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